Irstea UMR TETIS I was working from 2009 to 2015 as a PhD student then as a permanent research fellow at Irstea, UMR TETIS, Montpellier, France. My research was focused on uncertainty and sensitivity analysis for geo-information and GIS-based environmental models.


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Research fellow at Irstea (2012-2015)

Irstea My research at Irstea was focused on uncertainty and sensitivity analysis for geo-information and GIS-based environmental models.
It included the following topics:

  • uncertainty quantification and numerical models exploration in environmental and GIS sciences : uncertainty propagation with Monte Carlo methods, Design of Experiments, statistical methods for sensitivity analysis (Morris, Sobol'...)
  • spatial statistics and geostatistics for uncertainty simulation in geo-data
  • thematic fields: spatially distributed modelling of natural hazards (flood)

A publication list is available here.

I was involved in two different projects:

QUASIUS (2013-2014): Quality and Uncertainty Assessment for Spatial Indicators of Urban Sprawl

Fig: Main steps of computation of urban sprawl indicators from remote sensing data - source: M. Balestrat (2011)

ACBDE-AS (2009-2013): uncertainty and sensitivity analysis for the cost-benefit analysis of flood mitigation plans along the Rhône River. Project funded by the Plan Rhône, a water management body along the Rhône River | info.

Fig: Uncertainty analysis of the NOE model: map of Expected Annual flood Damages with maximum values (a) and minimum values (b) over N = 28 672 model runs - source: N. Saint-Geours (2013)

Doctoral research (2009-2012)

UMR TETIS I carried out my doctoral research on the sensitivity analysis of a spatially distributed model for flood risk assessment. It involved:

  • assessing the influence of input map uncertainties through geostatistical simulation
  • studying the impact of change of spatial scale on variance-based sensitivity indices
  • exploring model uncertainty in a GIS environment
  • case studies on the Orb river (South-East France) and the Rhône river

I defended my Ph.D. thesis on November, 29th, 2012. The jury was composed of:

  • M. Christian LAVERGNE Professor, Montpellier III University (Research adviser) [home page]
  • M. Hervé MONOD Research director, INRA (Rapporteur)
  • M. Jeroen AERTS Professor, IVM, Netherlands (Rapporteur)>
  • M. Stefano TARANTOLA Chercheur, EC - Joint Research Center (Italie) Examinateur
  • Mme. Bénédicte BUCHER Directrice de recherche, IGN Examinatrice
  • M. André MAS Professeur, Université Montpellier II Examinateur
  • M. Jean-Stéphane BAILLY Enseignant-chercheur, AgroParisTech (research co-adviser)
  • M. Frédéric GRELOT Chercheur, Irstea (research co-adviser)

Supervision of students and post-docs


V. Laurent | CV
2013, QUASIUS project


B. Drevon
2013, QUASIUS project
Magistère de Mathématiques


T. Langer | CV
2011-2012, ACBDE-AS project
Master thesis

Links & collaborations

Here is an overview of the people I have been involved with in my research activities so far.

JRC-logo Stefano Tarantola & Andrea Saltelli
Joint Research Center, Ispra (ITALY) | info
I went for a 6 weeks visit at the JRC in 2011 to work on variance-based sensitivity analysis for spatial support decision systems. 


mascot num Members of the GDR MASCOT-NUM research group | more info
Since 2009, I have been attending various meetings and workshops organized by this research group, which is focused on design, modelling and analysis of computer experiments


mexicoMEXICO network | more info
This network fosters the use of statistical methods to explore numerical models in biology and environmental sciences. It gathers scientists from various French applied research institutes : INRA, IFREMER, CIRAD, Irstea... They organize each year a spring school on sensitivity analysis for environmental models (this year I gave a lecture on sensitivity analysis for spatially distributed models | pdf).


christian lavergne  Christian Lavergne | homepage
Professor at Montpellier III University
Christian was my Ph.D. research advisor.



Jean-Stéphane Bailly | homejean-stéphane bailly
Senior lecturer and scientist in physical geography, AgroParisTech, Montpellier
Jean-Stéphane was my Ph.D. research co-advisor.


frédéric grelot  Frédéric Grelot
Researcher at Irstea, UMR GEAU, Montpellier
Frédéric was my Ph.D. research co-advisor.


Linda Lilburne | home pagelogo-landcare  Landcare ResearchChristchurch (NZ) [info]
I went to Landcare Research in 2009 for my Master thesis on sensitivity analysis of the AquiferSim groundwater model. | master thesis manuscript